O.C. (Original Character) Availability
By Laura


Her name is Larkina Kara.  She was born to Vlado Kara a white Russian mouse and his beautiful Egyptian gipsy wife Kina Kara, a dark brown mouse with green femine eyes, loose black hair and a red gipsy dress and bangle earrings.  On the day she was to be born her father wheeled her mother in very quickly in the hospital as it was full of very ill and sick mice.  She was lucky to get the last ward as her child was born.  During that night while staying in it, Basil’s enemy sneaked and took baby Larkina without anyone noticing as they were all asleep.  For the past 13 years she has grown into a pretty dark brown girl mouse with jet black hair that is tied at the bottom bit, black eyes, a white gipsy dress, bangle earrings and a bangle on her right arm.  She has grown in his care, but was forced to work as a maid and sex slave for him.  On the day of her birthday, Basil and his older brother were on a case when they came across her singing while getting the water.  He fell in love with her and she did the same.  They helped her escape and now she lives with her future husband in his flat.  Four years has past and now she is married to him and Basil’s sister in law.  A few weeks later she gave birth to two sons.  The oldest she named after him which has his father’s fur colour and his mother’s eyes wears English gentlemouse clothes and the youngest Lira has his mother’s fur colour and his father’s eyes wears a white gipsy top, red pants and a bangle earring on his left ear.  He stays by his wife’s side in fear of losing her again to her master and their children being killed as they are both four years old.