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{ Characters: Olivia Flaversham }

Olivia Flaversham, an adorable eight year-old child mouse of Scottish descent, plays a central role to the Basil vs. Ratigan case. When her father is captured by Fidget, Olivia seeks out Basil with the help of Dr. David Q. Dawson. Having lived most of her life without a mother, Olivia is an only child who adores family and friends. Even when she is held captive by Professor Ratigan, Olivia proves herself to be a resilient and brave little girl for her age, standing up to the powerful Ratigan and even biting him in an effort to help Basil.

Sweet and loving, Olivia leaves a lasting impression on the childless Basil, even changing his regard a bit for children. She enjoys toys and spending quality time with her father in his toy shop.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "Oh, Daddy! You made this just for me?"
  • "I-I'm lost. I-I'm trying to find Basil of Baker Street."
  • "Now will you please listen to me? My Daddy's gone, and I'm all alone."
  • "Flaversham!"
  • "You be good now. We're going to find my father!"
  • "Just wait! Basil's smarter than you. He's going to put you in jail. He's not afraid of a big, old, ugly rat like you!"
  • "Oh, Dr. Dawson, you were wonderful."
  • "Goodbye, Basil. I'll-I'll never forget you."