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{ Photo Galleries: Professional Artists }

This is a collection of post film production works of art created by professional artists from Disney, freelance or other companies. Images are properly credited and used with permission.

Al Creed (Instagram):

Alexandra Bowman (Instagram):

Andrew Dickman (Instagram):

Andrew Small (Instagram):

Bethany Juen (Instagram, Facebook):

Bobby Timony (deviantART, Tumblr, Twitter):

Brian Hess (Instagram, Official):

Brian Duran (Instagram):

Brian Slatky (Instagram):

Calvin Mudge (Instagram, Official):

Candace Jean:

Candice Broersma (Official, Instagram):

Carlo Lo Raso:

Carlos Roberto Pérez López (Instagram):

Chris Schweizer:

Claudio Varela (deviantART, Instagram):

Comiz Inc (Instagram

Dave Mottram (Cover Illustrator for Basil of Baker Street books, check out his sites: Official, Instagram, and Twitter).

Danny Beckwith (Instagram and Official):

Dave Perillo (Official, Blogspot, Twitter, and deviantART):

David G. Ferrero (Official, Behance, deviantART):

David Petersen (Official
, Blogspot, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter)

Disney Doodle:

Donald Soffritti:

Emi Farmosi (Official, Instagram, Tumblr fruity-loopy):

Eric Goldberg (Cartoon Brew, Chuck Jones):

Gavin Otteson (Etsy, Instagram):

Ingvard the Terrible. This was a design for the first Basil of Baker Street book. They were only created as a submission for Uncovered Covered Art.

James Silvani (Instagram, Official, Twitter, and Tumblr):

Jamie (Instagram):

Jay Fosgitt (Instagram)

JB Williams (ArtStation, deviantART)

Jennifer Oliver:

John Alexopoulos:

John Migle (Instagram and Tumblr):

John Ripa (Disney Wiki, Instagram, and IMDb):

John Varvir (Instagram and Blogspot):

Jon Pinto (deviantART, Facebook, Instagram, and Official):

Laura Truxillo (Instagram and Official):

Lindsey Prentice (Instagram and Redbubble):

Louis D. Wiyono:

Mads King (Instagram):

María Hidalgo (Instagram):

Marina Bianchi (Instagram):

Michael Hobson:

Michel Nadorp:

Mike Gabriel:

Mike Royer:

Miguel Ojeda:

Miguel Valverde (and Blogspot):

Natalie (Instagram, Pateron):

Natalie Smith:

Olivier Ciappa and David Kawena:

Pablo Vidal (Basil and Ratigan at Instagram):

Patrick Ballesteros (Instagram, Main):

Paul Wenzel (Poster Concept Illustration Original Art):
wenzel.png wenzel.png

Pete Emslie:

Phil Nibbelink (Instagram):

Rachel Kaiser (Instagram):

Ricardo Landivar:


Roger Garcia:

Ruben Procopio (Official, Instagram):

Scott Beaderstadt (Official, Facebook):

Siôn Clarke (Instagram):

Steffany Rodriguez (Official, Instagram):

Tim Artz (Instagram):

Tom Whalen (Official, deviantART, Twitter):

Tony Bancroft (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter):

Wayne T. Jones (Official
, Instagram, Tumblr):

Photos property of The Game's Afoot!.

Disclaimer: All professional photos displayed in this gallery have been properly credited. This website does not claim ownership to any professional images, which belong to their responsible holders. No copyright infringements intended. We believe we are using these files for fan purposes only, within the laws of the Fair Use Copyright Law 107. Please contact and request images to be removed before taking any legal action. All scans, screen captures, and other exclusive content are for this website only. Please do not copy, steal, or display any photos from this gallery elsewhere without permission. Photos may be downloaded for personal use only. All rights reserved.
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