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The following is black & white production stills given out in official Press Information Kits.  And yes, you are seeing doubles on a couple of them when the Press Kits contained the same image.  Some of the photos with Basil were signed by Barrie Ingham himself.  Used with permission MCMLXXXVI-MCMXCII The Walt Disney Company.

Basil, The Great Mouse Detective:

The Adventures of The Great Mouse Detective:
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The Great Mouse Detective:
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Screen captures property of The Game's Afoot!.

Disclaimer: All professional photos displayed in this gallery have been properly credited. This website does not claim ownership to any professional images, which belong to their responsible holders. No copyright infringements intended. We believe we are using these files for fan purposes only, within the laws of the Fair Use Copyright Law 107. Please contact and request images to be removed before taking any legal action. All scans, screen captures, and other exclusive content are for this website only. Please do not copy, steal, or display any photos from this gallery elsewhere without permission. Photos may be downloaded for personal use only. All rights reserved.
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