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{ Press }

The following are collected Internet, newspaper, or magazine articles with the combination of color or black & white photos. Proper credit has been given for each article.

(article on Ruben Procopio, images from his Masked Avenger Studios blog, used with permission)

Disney Newsreel Magazine:

(Volume 28, Issue 31, August 20, 1999)

Disney Magazine:

(Winter, 1998-1999)

Disney's Sell-Through Profit Planner:

(July, 1992)

Los Angeles Times:

(by Charles Solomon, February 14, 1992)

(December 13-19, 1986)

Disney Magazine:

(Winter, 1986)


(by Richard Holiss, Volume 9, Number 3, November, 1986)

Animator Mag:

(by Brian Sibley, #17 Autumn, 1986)

The Morning Call:

(by Paul Willistein, July 27, 1986)


(by Steve Biodrowski, July 1986, Volume 16 Number 3)

Starlog Magazine:

(by David Huchison, Issue #108 July, 1986)

Times Advocate:

(by Bruce Cook, July 6, 1986)

Los Angeles Times:

(by Charles Solomon, July 2, 1986)

The New York Times:

(by John Culhane, July 27, 1986)

(July 3, 1986, Prepared by and for the employees of The Walt Disney Company)

(by Nina Darnton, July 2, 1986)

Disney News:

(by Jim Fanning, Summer, 1986)

(by John B. Anglos, Vol. 1 No. 1)

Lewiston Journal:

(Vincent Price Celebrates 75th Birthday, by Bob Thomas, May 28, 1986)