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{ Photo Galleries: Professional Artists }

This is a collection of post film production works of art created by professional artists from Disney, freelance or other companies. Images are properly credited and used with permission.

Al Creed (Instagram):

Alexandra Bowman (Instagram):

Andrew Dickman (Instagram):

Andrew Small (Instagram):

Beaglebabe1 (Instagram, Ko-fi):

Bethany Juen (Instagram, Facebook):

Bobby Timony (deviantART, Tumblr, Twitter):

Brian Duran (Instagram):

Brian Hess (Instagram, Official):

Brian Slatky (Instagram):

Calvin Mudge (Instagram, Official):

Candice Broersma (Official, Instagram):

Claudio Varela (deviantART, Instagram):

Comiz Inc (Instagram):

Dave Mottram (Cover Illustrator for Basil of Baker Street books, check out his sites: Official, Instagram, and Twitter).

Danny Beckwith (Instagram and Official):

Dave Perillo (Official, Blogspot, Twitter, and deviantART):

David G. Ferrero (Official, Behance, deviantART):

Eric Goldberg (Cartoon Brew, Oh My Disney):

FCM (Instagram):

Gavin Otteson (Etsy, Instagram):

Ingvard the Terrible. This was a design for the first Basil of Baker Street book. They were only created as a submission for Uncovered Covered Art.

James Silvani (Instagram, Official, Twitter, and Tumblr):

Jamie (Instagram):

Jay Fosgitt (Instagram)

JB Williams (ArtStation, deviantART)

John Migle (Instagram and Tumblr):

John Ripa (Disney Wiki, Instagram, and IMDb):

John Varvir (Instagram and Blogspot):

Laura (Instagram):

Laura Truxillo (Instagram and Official):

Lindsey Prentice (Instagram and Redbubble):

Mads King (Instagram):

María Hidalgo (Instagram):

Marina Bianchi (Instagram):

Megan Hupin (Main Site):

Miguel Ojeda:

Natalie (Instagram, Pateron):

Patrick Ballesteros (Instagram, Main):

Paul Wenzel (Poster Concept Illustration Original Art):

Phil Nibbelink (Instagram):

Rachel Kaiser (Instagram):

Ricardo Landivar:

Ruben Procopio (Official, Instagram):

Scott Beaderstadt (Official, Facebook):

Shawn Duffy (deviantART, Official):

Siôn Clarke (Instagram):

Steffany Rodriguez (Official, Instagram):

Tim Artz (Instagram):

Tom Whalen (Official, deviantART, Twitter):