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{ Audio & Video Galleries: Scenes }

• A Lady Mouse arrives at the home of Basil of Baker Street (Happy Birthday Shani Wallis!) By Brina

• Animation Study | Basil The Great Mouse Detective 001 and 002 by Dwayne Gayle

The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes: "The Moabite Cypher" Cold Opening by Brina

• Basil Listens to Olivia (National Day of Listening) by Brina

• Enter Basil And Deduces Dawson Is A Surgeon by Brina

• Olivia Confronts Professor Ratigan by Brina

• Here's Toby! by Brina

• Basil Rathbone Clip From The Redheaded League And The Great Mouse Detective by Brina

• Ratigan Surprises Basil And Dr. Dawson by Brina

• GMD Final Scene and Script Reading with Barrie and Val by Brina

• "Hugs All Around" For National Hugging Day (January 21, 2022) by Brina

• Happy Lunar Chinese New Year! Basil's Grand Entrance as the Chinese mouse

• The Great Mouse Detective Fan Animation (by Ellen Sturtevant)

"Merry Christmas!" from The Tailor of Gloucester (by Television Man)

• Startled Basil (by Kaylee)

• The Great Mouse Detective Main Menu Walkthrough (by DVD MAIN MENU'S CHANNEL)

Source: On Site (courtesy of YouTube)

• 1986-09-28 - Disney Sunday Movie - Hero In The Family (by Walt Disney Introductions)

Source: On Site (courtesy of YouTube)

• Sneaky walk of Basil, in The Great Mouse Detective (by Rabah Boi)

• Basil Final Color Test (by Jon Densk)

• Basil Inbetweens Test (by Jon Densk)

• Basil Rough Keys Test (by Jon Densk)

• Basil Head Rotation Test Clean-Up Animation (by Sara Zargari)

• Basil Head Rotation Test Rough Animation (by Sara Zargari)

• The Great Mouse Detective (1986) Voice Actors Cast and Characters | Behind the Disney Voices (by ShowBiz News)

• Professor Ratigan Saying "2 Million Dollars!" (by Julien Chery)

• Professor Ratigan Animation Test (by Samuel Cabanac)

• Sheridan Animation Assignment - Head Rotation (by nahkoten)

• Basil Reaction (by Zaree Nilerabanwen)

• Glen Keane Ratigan Pencil Test (by Levi Ames)

• Kid's Halloween Special 2011: Disney's Once Upon A Halloween (4/6) (by TheBananaVidz)

• *RARE* DTV Monster Hits - 80s Halloween Special (FULL SHOW) - Vintage Disney Channel (by Monster Music)

• The Great Mouse Detective Score - The Big Ben Scene (by Jayasaurus19)

• The Score of The Great Mouse Detective (1986) Part 2 of 3 (by GremlinsandCrites's channel)

• Introduction to Basil (by Jessica Driscoll)

•2D to 3D - The Great Mouse Detective (by Megan Hupin)

• Disney World Parades Happy Easter Parade 1992 Part 1 (by Daniel Ortiz)

Source: On Site (courtesy of YouTube)

• Basil Ruff Animation (by Patrick Tuorto)

Source: On Site (courtesy of Vimeo)

•Goodbye, Basil (by Brina)

• Lighten the load (by Brina)

• German music (by Brina)

• The Great Mouse Detective ORIGINAL 1986 OPENING CREDITS (by bslatky)

• The Great Mouse Detective ORIGINAL 1986 CLOSING CREDITS (by bslatky)

• "The Great Mouse Detective ~ The Escape" (by totofan4ever)

• "Great Mouse Detective fandub with VoiceActorDreamer " (by SweetPoffin)

• "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind"

English Version

Source: YouTube

• "Let Me Be Good To You"

English Version

Source: YouTube

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